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I think I’m your first from South Dakota! Love the show, but I have to travel through a friggin time zone to get anything you recommend! Believe me when I say the store brand zin leaves something to be desired, especially when its decanted in an old milk jug. How about pushing a late night TV show on Food Network? It could be like the old SportsChannel Chicago “The Sports Writers on TV”. The only question is who will be Jauss? Decant this, BL

3 Wine Guys Comment:  1st from S.D.  Sounds like a great idea too!

Hey 3 Wine Guys,

I've laughed plenty of times while listening to your
podcast over the last 18 months, but the email from
Argentina has to take the cake for "funniest podcast
moment of all time".

It took every ounce of energy not to spit wine through
my nose from laughter.

By the way, any plans for a 2004 Bordeaux podcast
in the near future? The '04's are going to be released
here in Vancouver in the next 2 weeks (and probably
sell out province-wide within a few days), so I have
to decide soon where to put my money

Cheers, Matt M. Vancouver, Canada.

3 Wine Guys Comment:  Thanks Matt...We're still finishing the Wino-Lymics - Hopefully we'll get to Bordeaux in late Fall...early Winter.  Cheers!

The Entire Concordia E-Mail...

Hello Terry my name is Felix and I live in a town called Concordia in Argentina. I have Brother Rapello who has moved to United States and now lives in New York City. He has found employement in Toll Booth for George Washington Bridge collecting monies from motorists. He has saved paychecks and has sent me a Dell Computer Rapido last year so we can communicate into EMail. This year he has sent me mucho wonderful I-Pod. I have found Three Wine Guys!!!

Our town has Electricity from 0600 until 0745 same. I do not have much time to download podcast but I make times to download Three Wine Guys Every 2 Wednesdays. ( I am sorry if my English is a little broken).

Once Podcast is download I play for much of the village at Friday Meal. After much Three Wine Guys Podcast villagers from towns nearby come to listen. Charleo(he cells shoes) who always want to visit America takes motorboat from Cheron which locate six hours North to listen to Three Wine Guys!

Always fun Friday listen to Three Wine Guys in our village. America must be so fun and beautiful. We do not understand why Steve Ohh must make curseword so often? He also make wonderous swiftering noise when drinks the wine. Much laughter with the women when Steve Ohh makes swiftering noises.

Much villagers have been able to taste wine when at Persio and Marvia's marriage last year. Two bottles!!!! We would love more wine but there is no marriage until few months from now. We here sometimes you tell Argentina Wines and Village makes much listen. We love Argentina!!! Sometimes it is difficult to listen to Three Wine Guys now only one earplug for much wonderful IPod is working. When two earplug working we could have two villagers listen but now only one villager. When that villager laughter we know Steve Ohh making swiftering noises when he drinks the wine.

O.K. goodbuy from villagers of Concordia and also Cheron say hello. Much oneday we like to live in America and visit Three Wine Guys. Hello Steve Ohh, Terry, Scott. We much love America and would like to meet George W. Bush and also Donald Trump!!!!!!!!!

3 Wine Guys Comment:  Wow...Awesome e-mail!!!  Hola Concordia!!!

I still playing catch up with your shows and just got to one of the
blogcasts where you talk about the 2005 MacMurray Ranch Sonoma Coast
Pinot. Have you had the chance to try their Central Coast? I've had both
their Sonoma and the Russian River and the Central kicks both their
asses. For $15.99 and readily available at the local Ingles (grocery
store) its a great everyday drinker. Great job on the show. Thanks,you
guys have mad my morning commute tolerable again.

Damon N - Clyde, NC - formally Springfield, IL

3 Wine Guys Comment:  Great Call Damon

Hello Gentlemen,

Just wanted to drop a note and tell you I love your podcast. My boyfriend and I both listen and tell ALL of our friends about you.

Also, no sensitivity training for Stevo! If we wanted filtered infotainment, we would listen to fucking FM !

Best regards,  Nichole

3 Wine Guys Comment: "Gentlemen"??? Thanks Nichole!!!

So . . . I am at home (day off from my wine job) drinking some wine and 
catching up on your blogcast #9.  I'll be damned!  You actually can link 
to these guys through 3winedouchebags.com.
I love what you are doing!  Keep up the great work.  
3 Wine Guys Comment: Yeah...that's us

Hey there, 3 Wine Guys! I'm Kathryn, and I'm really enjoying your podcasts
in Silver Spring, MD (just north of DC.) The husband & I are strategizing
about building our cellar over the next year or so, and much of the info
that you've passed along has been extremely helpful!

I've especially appreciated the comments about young wines that have great
aging potential, as well as the anecdotes about people with great cellars,
if they knew then what they know now, here's what they'd be buying
(Spanish reds / German reislings)... Think you'll ever do just a show
about cellaring wines and how to pick out good young wines with the
specific purpose of aging for enjoyment down the road, or even investment
value? -
3 Wine Guys Comment: Yes.

Your 'casts are steaming piles of awesome!! Keep up the great work!

PS -- we slip when we sip too... I guess I can just appreciate REAL
conversation peppered with profanity because we're usually doing the same
thing. We gotta get one of those bells for our cellar once it's done --
maybe you should start selling those on your gear page. kgh

3 Wine Guys Comment:  Thanks...We'll get to work on the "Stevo Bell"

Hi guys. I've been listening to your podcast for the past year or so and
I gotta give you props. You've turned me on to some great wines (latest
example - Mollydooker - I was psyched to find it on my local store's
shelves last weekend and scooped up one of each of the Boxer, Two Left
Feet and the Blue-Eyed Boy).
And you're always entertaining, even when I have to scream at Stevo to
shut the f*ck up. All good fun.

Props having been given, I have to complain about one little thing
that's driving me insane: listening to you slurp wine during the show.
I'm a wine snob myself and I slurp with the best of them when I'm
tasting. But it sounds really sickening when you do it right into the
microphone. I know you're probably going to give me shit about this, but
it's making me just about drive off the road when I hear it.

Anyway, with that little exception you guys rock. I live in one of those
backwards states (MD) that doesn't allow wine to be shipped in from out
of state and so I have to live vicariously through you a lot of the
time. Keep it up. But lose the slurping.

Cheers! -Mike
3 Wine Guys Comment:  Thanks, Mike...we'll work on the slurp...can't promise anything

Guys, just started listening to podcasts in general and am quickly absorbing all your recent shows.  In particular I enjoyed  the interviews with Chris Ringland and  David Hickinbotham.  I  spent years working in fine dining restaurants in DC and Portland, OR, which is what made me decide to turn wine into a career. Now I'm a vineyard manager in Palisade, CO. We have conditions very similar to eastern Washington, lots of sun and thanks to an elevation of 4700 feet, cool nights. I would love to hear a show of some of the other emerging wine areas in the US, i.e. Long Island and finger lakes, Idaho, New Mexico and of course Colorado wines. Many of these wines are stacking up pretty well to big California wines. To get back to your interviews with the Aussies, since becoming a grape farmer I look back to my days as a server and think of how naive I was about wine. Knowing about grape growing has taught me more than I ever could serving wines. Anyone seriously interested in learning about wines should understand the winegrowing process, rather than memorizing your favorite restaurants wine list. Its great to hear what the growers and winemakers have to say. Thanks y'll.
Sam S.
vineyard manager...

Hey 3 Wino's,
Love The Wino-Lympics - one suggestion can you guys suggest what to pair the 
wines with. The first heat was a mix of grapes and would take this to the 
next level. One of my biggest enjoyments of wine is matching the food.
Outstanding Work!!
PS - Just found the 3 Rings Shiraz at my local store - looking forward to it!!!

3 Wine Guys Comment:  We'll start mentioning some pairings in future Heats

Still digging the podcasts (though they've been lagging last couple weeks – wassup!).  After listening to you guys go on about Black Chicken, I got in with them and my 4 bottles of BC Zin were delivered today.  Can't wait to try!  I told Jayme at Robert Biale Vineyards that I heard of them through you, and he said major thanks to the 3 Wine Guys.

Brian R

3 Wine Guys Comment:  Gotta love the Black Chicken...good stuff


I think your podcast is awesome and look forward to it each week. I
listen while on the treadmill
and my problem is I need you to start doing 2 shows a week. I am
getting fat and out of shape
so I need to work out more than once a week. Pleeeese do me and my
cardiac status a favor.
Also by the end of my treadmill run I start hallucinating that my
Poland Springs bottle is a Black
Chicken bottle. Do you think that's a problem?

Eric R.
3 Wine Guys Comment:  Try running with a bottle of Black Chicken...if you start hallucinating that it's Poland Springs...then you have a problem.

I love the podcasts, and now I'm even a Black Chicken Society member because of you.  

But what's up with the video on your homepage?  Christmas card.  What's the .m4v format?  I can only watch via iTunes?  - Brian R.
3 Wine Guys Comment: Wino-Lympics Video Awards Ceremony is on it's way....

Say hello to my little friend.....Tony Montana…………..dorks.  Fantastic podcast, BTW
Keith B - Pensacola, FL

3 Wine Guys Comment:  Good call

My friends and I enjoy wine very much. We also enjoy multi-day white water raft trips. Our problem comes from trying to combine these two pastions. When we run these multi-day white water raft trips we are not allowed to bring glass bottles onto the river. So what we are asking is do you have any non-glass bottle formats that you would recommend?


Paul in Atlanta
3 Wine Guys Comment:  REI.com  http://www.rei.com/product/734895 - cool thing is that it's stainless steel, non leaching...used it last weekend...worked very well.

Hey Guys,
    Great stuff! I'm about to go to culinary school in Manhattan, NY and
while I can cook this shit out of some food, I am a wine retard. I put on
your podcasts when I go running and I'm learning a lot, at least enough
to know where to look for more.
   I find though that whenever I want to get the wines you guys are talking
about, I  have to go through and listen to certain sections of the podcast
again, and it's a f*ckin' mess. Could you guys please put up a recommendations
link on your page? That would be choice. Thanks again guys.

3 Wine Guys Comment:  Great Suggestion...I'll get on it.

Longtime friend of the 3 Wine Guys, Jason from California sits in on a recent Podcast.  (Podcast should be released around April 20th)

3 Wine Guys Comment:  What a sexy b*tch with those headphones on!

Hey, I just discovered your podcast and since I love Zins, I listened to 9/16/06. I've lived here in Sonoma County my whole life and thought you might like to know about a few of our favorite Zins in the $20- $35 range: Porter Creek (Biodynamic grapes!) Wild Hog De La Montanya Porter-Bass (Also Biodynamic) Under $20: Frey (Also Biodynamic but from Mendocino County) Enjoy! Leila

3 Wine Guys Comment:  Thanks for the suggestions!

I recently discovered your podcast on iTunes, and I've been widely trying to catch up, listening to several a week! The first few I heard had me falling out of my chair laughing, while struggling to keep up, trying to write down all the wonderful wine info that you share (thank god for your tasting notes!). Over the past few years, my wine taste has started to refine. Drinking wine has changed from the occassional treat to an almost daily love. Keep up the good work. Thanks. Jessica - Anchorage, AK. Ps. Can you please add ALASKA to your Guest Book Map?? We don't have many wine options up here (stores, tasting, vineyards, etc!), so it's great having your show to expand my wine horizon.

3 Wine Guys Comment:  Alaska has been updated!

Hey guys! Great podcasts. Recently finding you through the www (wide world of wine), I am now a regular subscriber. I am working my way through a sommelier program, and your weekly podcasts are very infomative for me. I am currently enjoying Ceretto Blangé 2003 (Arneis). Slight frizante with a floral nose. Bone dry up front, but it opens to golden apple, pear, and minerality that leads to a long, lean finish. Very reasonable too, under $20. B+ in my book. Keep up the good work. Matt .. oh, by the way ... Go Astros!

3 Wine Guys Comment:  Better the Astros then the Cardinals...Cheers

Great Podcast! Have you ever thought about putting up a poll to find out how much people are willing to pay for a bottle of wine on a weekly basis? Myself, I can only afford around $10. Only twice in my life that I bought a bottle that was $20 and $30. I make my own wine from box kits and I also make beer. And recently, started roasting coffee using a corn popper (vents on the side wall). I live in New Port Richey, FL, originally from Oh/Pa. My wife is from Richton Park. If we go to Chicago this summer, I would like to meet you guys. I am a military transplant to Florida. P.S. The language doesn't bother me, except for the GD words.  - Rob

3 Wine Guys Comment:  We're still working on the GD

I hate to do this....but Steve-O, please limit your talking during the show. Why not give Terry and Scott more opportunities to talk about what they like/dislike, etc? In my opinion, Steve, you sometimes seem arrogant and controlling ...yes ....and sometimes, well, most times I even turn off your podcast because you are just plain annoying. I really don't mean to be mean...but, just wanted you to know one listeners thoughts. Truly, A would be fan....if only. Lori

3 Wine Guys Comment:  We cover this one on the up and coming Q&A Vol. 3 Show.   The Q&A Vol. 3 should be release sometime in April '07.

I live in Germany where I am an English teacher for German adults. I just started downloading your podcasts to my iPod. I, too, enjoy drinking and learning about wine so I am really enjoying your show. Keep up the good work.

3 Wine Guys Comment: Fargarnugen

dear wine guys,here is what i love abought your podcast. 1.its almost a hour long not 2-min like others 2.if you find a wine thats not good you tell me its bad don't wast my money thats vaulable info thank you. 3.i love hearing abought your experences in restaurants and shit good stuff,funny.. 4.the ocasional stevo f-bomb love it. 5.your tasting notes are believeable not a bunch of made-up shit to sound good.  Daryl H.

3 Wine Guys Comment:  Thanks!

First - superb podcast. Recently I picked up a 2004 El Felino Malbec at a local shop. I did a little research on the wine later and came across the term Brettanomyces Yeast. It looks like this yeast is an increasingly common shortcut to complexity in a wine. Do you have any insight on this? Thanks for the help and the fantastic podcast. - jef Ventura, CA

3 Wine Guys Comment:  We'll cover this on the soon to be released Q&A Vol. 3 Show.  The Q&A Vol. 3 should be release sometime in April '07.

Gentlemen (and after listening for a few months, I use the term lightly) -- I have listened to probably five of your podcasts over the course of several months. Thanks in advance for any info you would like to pass along. Keep them coming, I appreciate your sharing your fun... it reminds me of the good times I had for a decade living in SF and hanging out with down-to-earth wine friends in Napa, Sonoma and Alexander. Kind regards from the low rent edge of Lincoln Park, Brent P

3 Wine Guys Comment: North-Sider...Go Cubs


Hey Guys, Came across your Podcast when I was uploading my iPod. Love your show, being in the wine business myself it's great to hear honest reviews on stuff like you did on your Albarino podcast. Spain rocks, like one of you stated, "probably the best bang for your buck". I'd like to hear more on Spain, Chile and Argentina. How about Torrontes? An awesome white varietal, how Argentina calls Malbec it's own, they do the same in Torrontes. Cheers!!! Sean in Vermont

3 Wine Guys Comment:  Consider it done...It's on our to do list.


Stevo...Scout, Julie, Annie and I love your recommendations. I love Ridge Zin so I was happy to get some.

Hermann - Plainfield, IL


Hey guys. I'm a new listener to your blogcast and just wanted to drop you a line from Ormond Beach, FL, to let you know how much I enjoy your takes on wine. I'm in healthcare, but have been doing contract work for the past two years. I travel quite a bit by car and have been passing the time lately with your material. I'm new to wine, having only been drinking (not tasting) seriously for about 3 years now. Having twin 2 month-olds at home, I don't often have time to get together with friends to share a few bottles. However, lately I've been able to get by by listening to your blogcasts, which have given me some great ideas on wines to share with my wife. Your unpretentious approach to wine drinking is right on, and the banter on the blogcasts demonstrates the strong friendship you have and the love you have for good wine. Just wanted to say thanks for allowing the rest of us to sit in and listen. Keep up the strong work. Brian - Ormond Beach, FL

3 Wine Guys Comment: Wow, Twins...Congrats!


Hi Guys,
Great show. Not only do I enjoy listening about the US wines, that I'll rarely see if ever, but also your comments on Spanish and other New World wines are very interesting. Please keep up the good work.

David - Chelmsford - England

tony - new york, ny - itunes search - keep kickin' it gents!-- thanks for being real...tv

3 Wine Guys Comment: Tony, We're Looking Forward to Your New Website!!!! www.tonyvincent.com


Love the podcast. I appreciate the emphasis on value. As a San Francisco resident (native Illinoisan :0) ), I have been to Napa Valley and Sonoma many times. I always make a stop at Frog's Leap, which has a free tour, fantastic wines, and generous pourings. I would be interested in what you have to say about any of their varietals--I love them all. They have a nice gewürztraminer . . . you have no podcast on guwerts. Thanks for the show. Cheers, Kristen - California

Hey guys, I just got wind of your podcast by searching, you were one of the top podcasts listed on itunes for wine, so here I am. I've listened to a few shows thus far and am totally a fan. Great show, great advice and just great all around. I like that you taste wines at all price points and I like the perspective of wine drinkers over wine tasters. My price points are mostly in the under $20 range, so seeing some reviews there is awesome. I'm from MD, one of those few states where all my wine has to come from a local store, which sucks, but hopefully that will change...

Something that would be cool would be a show where you open up wines you've cellared to see how they do. I know that the ratings wouldn't mater to someone going out to buy wine, but the show could be fun to listen to and might be informative for people (not me) with larger cellars. -Joshua - Maryland


Guys, I am a huge wine nut and been collecting since early 1980's when I turned 21. My collection literally in the thousands of bottles.  Love your wine pods with the great give and take and watching you guys learn as you go. Stevo clearly has the most knowledge  Keep up the great job. I find myself more interested in your podcasts versus Grape Radio eventhough they are trying to cater to a more knowedgable listener. You guys have much more fun and as a listener, I feel I am right there tasting with you. Thanks Cheers! Ken - Chicago

3 Wine Guys Comment: Stevo agrees 100%


Just happen to stumble upon your last podcast. I really enjoyed listening to you. Keep it up. I'm from Calif. -Kelly - California


Guys, I love the show, been listening for a couple of months now and let me say, yes, the audio quality has gone up, but the content quality was always there. Yes, even the episode where Steve-O's a little too busy watching the ball game.

Hey, I need some advice, if you don't mind. My wife loves wine, but we need something a little different to try. She is a little picky. She hates any dry wines; she looks more for a sweet, fruity, light style. (You know, the traditional chick wines.) And she has a bad habit of drinking wine way too cold. So, I'd like to know: what varietals should I be looking for? She had a Riesling in Chicago (we live in West Virginia) that she just loved, but we have yet to find one local that is as good.

Anyway, the show is absolutely awesome. Thank you guys for everything, and I look forward to hearing you next time!  Ozzy - West Virginia

3 Wine Guys Comment: We'll be doing a Riesling Podcast soon....


Hi Guys,
Great podcasts. I would love to hear a recap on regional vintage recommendations (eg Napa (CA) - Merlot - 2001 or 2003, Willamette (OR) - Chardonnay - 2002, Barossa (AUS) - Shiraz - anytime but 2004 especially) to help us beginners know a good starting point for what to look for when selecting something new. A guide outlining best years (for wines that are available now) from around the world would be greatly appreciated and very helpful. Keep up the good work and Chimo (an Inuit "cheers")
Jim - Peterborough, Ontario, Canada

3 Wine Guys Comment: That podcast should be coming out around March/April '07


Lew, Rockville, MD:

Been listening from the start. Love that Biale Black Chicken and agree that the Aldo's is a bit disappointing. Their Syrah and PS are also excellent!

3 Wine Guys Comment: Biale Rocks!!!

Sean from Boulder,

I came across your show somewhat randomly on ITunes, but now love listening to all of the old shows waiting for the new ones to come out. In fact, I'm training for a marathon and laughing my ass off and the tantalizing thought of a good glass of wine when I get home has really gotten me through some of the tough 20mi runs. Keep up the awesome job!


Celia Stevenson, England.  I found your website through podcast alley.
Fantastic show guys!! ........I have learned so much about wine from these podcasts.
Your enthusiasm is very infectious.....

3 Wine Guys Comment: I guess if you're going to have anything infectious...enthusiasm is the way to go.

Patrick, Tokyo, Japan - Hello from Tokyo. Have been listening for a while and have introduced my local wine merchant (a Japanese guy who grew up in California!!) to your program, so hoping he'll start to diversify his ordering. When Japanese think wine, they think Bordeaux; any thing other tends to be bulk production - Yellow Tail, you get the idea. Anyway, myself and some Californian friends here enjoy a wine night a couple of times a month and will look forward to seeking out and trying some of your many suggestions.

3 Wine Guys Comment: Stevo love Japan!!!!


Ted, Denver, CO - I like the blog podcast idea. You guys hits some really good wines. I'm jealous


Chris W. - Chicago, IL - Great Podcasts, Nice Website. When are you going to review Bordeaux?


Bob - Long Inland, NY - Getting all worked up about the Tuscan POD cast!!!!


Gregg M. - Hinsdale - Have you considered reviewing some of the Michigan (SW in particular) wines and perhaps other Midwest wines? There are some good wines being made locally and it might add to the unique character of your site.


Scott A. -Santa Monica, CA

3 Wine Guys Comment:  Hola Scott!!


Jason - Aliso Viejo, CA. I heard about you guys from Scott A in Santa Monica. Keep up the great podcasts. I find them very informative and hilarious. You should schedule a wine retreat were all interested could meet up for some winery tours. Cheers

3 Wine Guys Comment: Hola Jason!!!


Tony - Chicago, IL. Keep those reviews coming - maybe some more Italian wines!

3 Wine Guys Comment:  More Super Tuscans Coming Soon!


Pete drinking with Scott and Steve-O. Keep up the great work.

3 Wine Guys Comment: Cheers Pete!

Jan L. - Orange County

Got a new ipod and found your podcasts. Very fun and informative. How about more obscure varietals like Mourvedre or viognier? Also like the idea of sponsoring a wine tour. 

3 Wine Guys Comment: Those are on the way too...


Sean, San Jose, CA, heard about you on web alley. Great show, love the passion. Do not edit out the excitement. If the cost for such enthusiasm is an occasional "F" bomb...so be it!!


Sorry guys but Grenache blanc and Grenache Noir are different grapes.

R.  (Thanks for the heads up! - 3WG)


John W. - Oakdale, MN - Great Podcasts, they are a lot of fun to listen to.


Gents, I have recently downloaded and listened to your podcasts - I appreciate what you are trying to do. I am a huge Petite Sirah fan and thought I might recommend a GREAT ONE for you to try. David Fulton 2002 PS. It is off the hook HUGE and wonderful. Advanced stuff but you should try it. $40 available directly from the winery only. I know this is a little out of your target being not generally available everywhere and not cheap but it is really a "must try" if you are a PS fan.  David


Good morning Gentlemen.

I have a small question for you. have you gone into reporting, or trying fruit wines (non grape)? I live in NY, and there is a winery here that does some very good fruit based wines. Baldwin wines. They make an award winning raspberry wine. Though i prefer their cherry wine. especially if the bottle has been open for a while.

thank you and be well -David L. - New York


Chuck - Illinois: You guys are awesome! I is smarter bee cause I listen to U!

Really - very cool! I can't wait to apply my new found knowledge thanks to you three guys!

3 Wine Guys Comment: Hola Charles


Hi 3Guys, You guys are way ahead of the curve here with you're Podcasts. Great stuff. I keep thinking that me and my boys should have come up with this idea first! Your casts are insightful, intelligent, funny as shit, and I'm now addicted to listening while sipping some vino and getting a little work done. I own Tapino Kitchen & Wine Bar in Scottsdale, and at our restaurant we've been spreading the same no-BS, non-snob, chill-out an enjoy some great wine attitude that you guys talk about. I can't wait to hear more. Cheers, Bill - Arizona

3 Wine Guys Comment: Link to Tapino Kitchen on our Links Page


Bobby R. - Calgary Canada I did a search on iTunes and got u guys. Keep up the great fun (work). Very informative and entertaining. I definitely try to find some of the wines up here in Canada


Hey guys.. Just found the Podcast a couple of months ago and love it. Very refreshing honest opinions about wine no matter what the cost. I am a web designer located in Atlanta, GA . take care, colby w


Ken Naples.FL. heard from podcast


Chris from Taos, NM - discovered you on iTunes podcasts...Really enjoy your format and banter about wines... some of your comments are hilarious and on mark. Just a suggestion: you might invest in some clip on microphones because your volumes drop in and out during the course of the 'casts but you're great entertainment and you make some nice picks. Where will you venture to in the future???

3 Wine Guys Comment: All new upgraded equipment coming soon Fall 2006


Jon - Boston -


It's pronounced VEE-AY VEEN - it means "old vines"

David B. CA -


Ron – Sparta, NJ – The Podcast idea is fantastic!!! I just listened to the Super Tuscan MP3 in my wine cellar and had a bottle of the Falesco – Vitiano with you.

3 Wine Guys Comment:  Cheers!


Joel, Seattle Wa. -I have listen to all of the Podcasts from iTunes and if I like the content of the show I download the full version of the show from the website. Have to let you know that you have a great format, it is good to hear 3 opinions. The last few shows I feel like you are swearing way too much, too many G-Damns. I am not a right winged religious nut, it is just offensive to hear that spoken so lightly. I have just unsubscribed from your show, if I see explicit missing from you tag, I will be back. I still think you guys are incredibly entertaining, Steve "O", Scott and Terry keep you laughing, as long as you can stomach the occasional profanity and G** Damns.

3 Wine Guys Comment: Very Good Points...We'll work on it...Thanks for the advice.


I am listing to your Cab podcast again. – great stuff – I’m addicted. - Tom - Wisconsin

3 Wine Guys Comment:  Thanks for the Pic...on the Gear Around the World page!


Paul K. - Des Plaines, IL I found you guys on the net by accident while I was doing a search. I misspelled "wires" and I put "wines", but it was a fortunate mistake. I checked out your website and listened to the podcasts AND I LOVED IT! You guys are something else. I love the way you approach wine tasting while the %'s are not affecting your judgment. Keep up the great work and drink one for me.


Graham - Scotland, UK. - Very entertaining and informative podcasts. I don't agree with the guy who thinks there is too much profanity. The "explicit" tag on iTunes is usually a good indication of people who are not taking themselves too seriously! I was looking for a wine podcast and picked yours simply because it said "explicit". I am shallow - but I like a good laugh! Well done.

3 Wine Guys Comment: Graham....right on!  Cheers to the Scots!


Love what you guys do. Would you be interested in doing a cheapo wine blogcast? Like under 10 bucks/bottle? Something that us grad student types could buy on a regular basis. Again, love the honesty and the combination of wine and expletives! -Chris


Hey Guys, Love your show - keep it up. I wish you guys would make your full shows available on i-tunes - even if it has be broken up into two or more segments. Thanks John


Matt W - St. Louis, MO-- Nice job on the podcasts and the Blogcasts. I've tried several of the wines that you say "buy it" and haven't been let down. Keep it up!


Karen - Kennedale, Texas -Discovered you via iTunes Music Store. You guys are a hoot! I love your podcasts.


3 guys- Well done on the pod-casts. Just finished the Oregon Pinot podcast. Nice synthesis of information. While it appears you boys are big and bold, I'd love for you all to take a jab at unoaked chard. I'm excited by what I have tasted, both in the new and old world, and would love an analysis. "Oh there are red Zinfandels?" "Uh yea..." All the best and happy drinking, John M., Illinois


Chris S. - Noblesville, Indiana; Outstanding podcast- enjoy the style of the show


How about the wine pairings w/the different varieties of junk/fast food-pizza, burgers, fries, chicken, subway, Mexican, Chinese,etc. May sound stupid-but for those of us who like drinking wine and don't always have time to cook.'

3 Wine Guys Comment: We'll start doing it....Great advice... Thanks!

I enjoy the show-I listen on my Ipod. Tommy - Lafayette, LA


Bob, Toronto, Canada. Enjoying the podcast from Canada - really like your no BS approach


Bob - Pennsuaken, NJ - ITunes -Finally some talk about wine without all the BS addy-tude. If you guys could review more under $20 wines for each discussion it would help us "regular" people. I love wine, but my kid needs shoes also.

3 Wine Guys Comment: 15 wines under $15 coming Soon!  "15 under 15 Battle"


Hey 3 Wine Douche bags!!!! , My name is Christian & I am from El Mirage Az . and I listen to you guys all the time, and I have just one question-ALL THE WINES YOU GUYS TALK ABOUT AND RATE?????? ARE NOT IN F*CKIN' AZ???????? "WHERE DO I FIND DA F*CKAHS??????? ps. & Im not talkin' white!!!! dat white cat piss swill!!!!! Yours truly, the wine guzzlin' f*ck -Christian..... And by the way Your show Kicks ASS!!!!!!!!

3 Wine Guys Comment: Thanks Christian...the best e-mail yet!


Mike B., Kansas - Guys, How 'boat some more Cabs????????

3 Wine Guys Comment: More is on the way


Enjoying the weekly podcasts...You'd be great on satellite radio - keep it up guys. Mick, Las Vegas, NV


Just started listening to the podcast, and I love it. One of the guys appears to be a wine retailer... I'm wondering if his store has a website that I could grab... I'd love to check it out. Thanks! - Joel in Los Angeles


Mike from Hong Kong, China. I found your podcast from the directory of iTunes.

Look forward to your show each week. Would love to hear a show on some of the wines available internationally from the major vineyards--for example, Yellow Tail, Peter Lehmann, Mouton-Cadet, etc. for those of us unable to get or afford the less well known labels. Wine is taxed 100% in Hong Kong, one of the few things that IS taxed. Keep up the good work!

3 Wine Guys Comment: We covered this in our soon to be released Q & A #2 Podcast


Doug - Austin, TX - Please have a wrap with your favorite wines under $20.

3 Wine Guys Comment: We are doing 15 under $15 in a few weeks...that should get really ugly!!!


I am a wine lover and like the show however I'd like to see it improved. Here's a few suggestions. Cut out the swearing - it doesn't add to the content.3 Wine Guys Comment: We've been trying since the beginning...maybe we'll get it right someday. Try and not talk over top of each other - makes it difficult to understand what is going on 3 Wine Guys Comment: Tried it...Can't do it. Steve (I think it is Steve) needs to slow down - he speaks far too quickly and needs to lay back a little - let the other guys in there - don't interrupt 3 Wine Guys Comment: Tried it...Can't do it. Forget the words "DUD" and "I mean" and "Know what I'm saying" etc. etc.3 Wine Guys Comment: Tried it...Can't do it. Keep up the good work! Enjoy the show3 Wine Guys Comment: Wayne, Thanks for the great suggestions. Thanks, Wayne


Brenda from Glendale, WI - I downloaded your podcast from the iTunes music store. Thanks for this funny and down-to-earth wine critique. I look forward to many more podcasts from you guys!


Alex, I am in California. Keep up the good work. Thanks


Hey Guys! Is New Zealand far away enough for you?? You guys are brilliant. I will so send you a picture of me with something kiwi. Can't actually guarantee a kiwi or a hobbit, but will definitely send you something cool. Awesome, keep up the good work. Cheers - Fraser W Freeman's Bay - Auckland - New Zealand

3 Wine Guys Comment: New Zealand...Great Music ...Great Wine...Cool Rings


Amber, Johnson City TN. I found you guys on iTunes and I really enjoy your podcasts! hi, my name is Nancy, i was born in Motown but now live in Chicago. I heard about you from Scott one of the 3. keep up the good work. what about talking about the benefits of red wine. keep healthy while you sip. unchi


You guys rock. I want to bathe in pinot noir with Steve-O and then have Terry towel me off with a terry cloth

Rob, Aliso Viejo adjacent, California


Hi 3WineGuys, I'm listening to your Podcast. I heard you speak about the t-shirt for far away listeners. I live in a town called Faversham in the country of Kent in South East England.

I usually listen to you on my commute from home to London every day to work, its 105minutes door-to-door. The thought of your t-shirt waiting for me when I get home, would really cheep up my travelling :-) Thanks! Matthew

3 Wine Guys Comment: Cheers!!!


John R. - San Antonio, TX - Awesome podcast! Stumbled on it a couple of days ago while searching iTunes. How about your thoughts on corks vs. screwcaps (maybe you've already done this). Keep it up.


Dick, Alexandria, VA Stopped by based on post at Baseball reference while checking out Mark Grace stats.

3 Wine Guys Comment: Mark Grace is AWESOME!!!


Steve -- Hilliard, OH. Found you guys while searching on iTunes. Great podcasts. Wouldn't mind hearing about recommendations for tours/tastings for the first time Napa/Sonoma visitor


Bill, San Francisco-Great, entertaining podcasts. It adds to our daily dosage of wine. All people do around here is drink wine, talk wine, buy wine, live wine, so your comments come in handy.


Jason, Moab, Utah - iTunes directory do a show on Zinfandel!

3 Wine Guys Comment: Posting a New Zin Podcast within a few weeks


Jamie, Fargo, North Dakota I just got an i-pod and am looking forward to listening to all of your shows.


Hey guys, I have recently found your podcast and I love it. I am a newbie when it comes to wine and I always trying to find out more information. Thanks again for the podcast and keep up the good work!-Tom from PA.


Penny, Luray VA, found you on iTunes. You guys are the best, and I think your reviews are great.


Tell Christian from El Mirage, Arizona to get the fuck to AZ Wine. If they don’t have it they’ll get it for you. -Dan - Scottsdale, Arizona


Great Podcast. Keep it up. You give a fair evaluation of wines. Bob, Columbus, OH


Penny, Luray, VA, Posting again.....found you on iTunes and think you're great. Love the show; have you thought about doing Virginia wines? We actually have some great Rieslings and a few places with awesome late harvest wines. Just getting into reds so I can speak much for those. Unless it's Mogan David......

3 Wine Guys Comment: I had a really good Cab Franc from VA...


Hello, men. You just kept me company during a 4-day road trip along the Mississippi River (I'm a travel writer). Very glad to have found you--and happy to report that I shot water through my nose when I listened to the podcast that had the quote "The Greek people listen to us because they like to take it in the pooper. "Pooper" is a truly underrated word. So, then, while in Stockholm, Wisconsin, I was inspired to buy a Tempranillo and Malbec, after hearing you guys yammer on about both. i just had a few glasses of Tempranillo with the hubster, and it made for a velvety coming home party for me. Take 'er easy. This Iowan is glad to have found y'all. - Jen W. - Iowa writer

3 Wine Guys Comment: Cheers!


Jeremy, Morgantown, West Virginia, I searched iTunes for wine podcasts and you guys are one of the two I still listen to. Great show, I like to listen to just regular guys talk about wine without all the snobby b.s. Keep up the good work! You keep drinking, I'll keep listening!!!


Celia, England. Hi guys. What a great show! I have learned so much about wine. Your enthusiasm and passion is infectious. I like your laid back approach. It is very refreshing. If I didn't live so far away, I would love to drop in for some wine tasting with you! I am also very impressed by the duration of your podcasts. Please don't shorten them. The audio quality is sometimes a bit inconsistent though.

3 Wine Guys Comment: Audio quality should be improving...Cheers to England!!!!


Hi Wine Guys, My wife bought me an iPod Nano for my birthday and now I'm hooked on your podcasts. Great shows--informative, funny, entertaining. No snootiness at all. Love your stories! Keep them coming. BTW, I was wondering if I can post your logo on my blog. I definitely want more people to check out your shows. One last question. Where can I find the '03 Biale Black Chicken Zin? If I can't get the '03 how's the '04? I see the '04 available on their website. Since I live in the San Francisco Bay Area, I am planning on visiting them soon. Keep up the good 'casts! Cheers! Ray L.

3 Wine Guys Comment: try www.winesearcher.com Gotta love that Black Chicken!!!!!


Nick - Living in Tokyo, Japan - Found your podcast mentioned in some other podcast, but can't remember now which one. I love the format, but appreciate the improved recording equipment. Keep it up guys!

3 Wine Guys Comment: Sake Podcast...coming soon!


Dan, State College, PA (found podcast through NYTimes podcast review on iTunes website) I'm not sure why it's listed as "explicit" since it comes across as a relaxed conversation about wine among friends. Nice job, from what I've heard so far. Thanks




Eric C., Reading, MA . Searched you out on ITunes but didn't listen right away. Gotta say I like the format and candidness. Good job.

3 Wine Guys Comment: Go Red Sox! - Terry


Sheila and Joel; Conway, Arkansas We live in a dry county (isn't that AWFUL?!) and we love to listen to your podcasts on the drive to the "liquor store" every week. We stock up :) We just grab the ipod and go.. and we laugh along with you guys! Joel is a Stevo fan, but I'm partial to Scott. But then Joel likes Cabs and I like Pinot. It can be difficult to find decent wine in the middle of Arkansas, but it can be done! Thanks to you guys for making it so fun! Especially about 25 min into the podcast when you get soused and silly. Keep the profanity. It's not distasteful and funny as shit!

3 Wine Guys Comment: Dry county....agreed....AWFUL!


Hey guys, I have to say when I first discovered you (i-tunes) I found you amazingly annoying There is nothing more annoying that a bunch of pompus dudes, as a girl I get so annoyed when guys act like they know everything about wine. Plus you all seemed really into Australian wines which are just not my thing. Now I think you are quite funny actually. Please don't listen to the masses of great unwashed and start drinking cheaper crap. Stick to the good stuff.

Oh by the way, I was listening to an old podcast the other day when you mentioned Loring Pinot Noir, it is Brian Loring not Peter. See you guys don't know everything. Also don't bash other podcasts there are some really good wine ones and no one has your format so there is something for everyone!!

Take care all and remember to spit, Robbie -Palos Verdes California

3 Wine Guys Comment: spit? What's that?


Pete from Chicago, saw you on iTunes: I love your show. Stevo talks way to much. Sometimes you waste 10 straight minutes babbling. Quit that and the show will be perfect.

3 Wine Guys Comment: easier said than done...


Cool site...! I am in the wine business, as well!!! My latest favorite fine 2001 Seghesio zin!! Mysti - Sherwood, Houston, Tx.

3 Wine Guys Comment: Right on Mysti, Seghesio makes some Awesome wine!!!!


Why is it that nearly all of your guestbook entries are from guys? I just find that somewhat odd since I am not a guy, and I love your podcasts! I don't find them to be necessarily tailored to men or anything like that, so I am surprised that it appears to be mainly men who are commenting in your guestbook. At any rate, I just moved to CA and I have been listening to your show regularly on my commute to and from work everyday (trying to catch up with some of your older casts). I am pretty new to the "wine scene" and I have been learning a lot from you guys. Keep up the good work and don't listen to the people who are whining about the swearing. It's part of your charm :)

Suzanna in Southern California

3 Wine Guys Comment: Suzzanna, You're right...Ladies...let's hear from you!!!


Hi, I like the podcast. I wanted to pass on a Burgundy wine I liked a lot. I purchased it at Whole Foods in Washington, DC.Armelle et Bernard Rion Vosne Romanee les Chaumes 2002 definately keep it up, Derek

3 Wine Guys Comment: Thanks for the heads up! We'll look for it.


Sarah Albuquerque, NM Love your podcast... thanks for all the "hard" work.

3 Wine Guys Comment: We do this for the people! Thank you!


What's up guys...your podcast rocks.

I am a vineyard manager in Paso Robles and am currently managing 700 acres of wine grapes. Also, I have studied viticulture at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo. I would like to disagree with Steve-O's claims that old vines, in and of themselves, add to wine quality. There has been no substantiated studies showing any correlation between old vines and wine quality. The studies that I have seen show a sharp decrease in wine quality with wine made from vines 7 years old and under. But after the 7 years there is no measurable difference in the wine made from an old vine to a new vine in the same vineyard. If you are tasting differences it is not due to the age of the vines, but probably a factor of soil types, mesoclimates, or even the winery treating the fruit from the old vines with more care. Quite a few wine marketers and winery owners (and even the occasional winemaker) would disagree with me, but I think it is them just trying to give a perception of uniqueness of their brand and vineyard. I don't mean to get all scientific on you guys, but I thought that I would try and set the record straight...

Keep up the good work guys, and next time y'all are in Paso look me up! Cheers, Jake T


Ian in El Dorado Hills Ca. good show. It's o/k to whistle while you work & yes we do have mountain wine here.


more to come......

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